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How to Evaluate Workplace Lifecycle Management Technology

A Comprehensive Guide

In the time of hybrid work, office re-entry holds the promise of great rewards — think engaged employees, better-designed office space, and more. It's possible to set yourself up for a nimble, optimized future if you go about it the right way with the right tools.

But you don't want a jumble of solutions. Is it possible for one technology to capture employee needs and cultural considerations, optimize real estate portfolios, and more?

Luckily, workplace lifecycle management software is a new, critical product for your real estate tech stack. It’s an all-in-one tool that puts people and places at the center of workplace strategy and design.

We’ve made things simple so you can understand what to look for in this type of technology — and how it can fit your unique needs. With key recommendations from experts, we outline:

  • Why Workplace Lifecycle Management is important today

  • How to navigate buying this type of software

  • What features to look for in a Workplace Lifecycle Management platform

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