Sustainability: Good for Business, the Planet, and Your Real Estate Portfolio

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Did you know commercial buildings sit empty 50% of the time?

In the US alone, commercial buildings generate over 800 million metric tons of Co2 emissions per year. By not being good stewards of the environment and continuing to run wasted spaces, companies reflect a rigid mentality that’s bad for the environment and the overall business: 

  • Millennials and Gen Z’ers--the largest demographic of consumers and workers--have a high standard when it comes to sustainability. Your external and internal brand longevity depends on a more progressive approach to climate change. 
  • Wasteful and “bloated” real estate portfolios are incredibly costly to a company’s bottom line. The cost of capital for new coal plants is 15% higher than it is for renewables.

While change is never easy, workplace and real estate teams have a golden opportunity to lead their companies to be more responsive to climate change. With the right tools and tactics, there are quite a few immediate opportunities companies can take to make their real estate portfolios more environmentally friendly.

To learn more about how to achieve a more sustainable office space--and reap the benefits of being good stewards of the environment--download our infographic.