How Reliable Is My Data if Not Enough People Are Returning to the Office?

Return to work, data, and a lack of office engagement

As office doors reopen, many workplace teams and space planners are receiving lots of questions from executives on whether or not their utilization data is reliable, when only a fraction of employees are coming into the office.

No matter how many employees are coming in, useful insight can still be derived if you have true sources of data providing consistent reporting. Capturing the movement and activity of those who are coming into the office--and comparing it to pre and post pandemic utilization--helps workplace teams and space planners understand which groups are coming most frequently, as well as reveal which spaces are in demand.

But what about those who aren’t coming in? 

Leveraging data to uncover what would bring more people into the office is more qualitative. It takes asking employees--via surveys--about what they need, want, and prefer when it comes to office space, as well as actually acting on their feedback. 

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