How to Create a Safe Workplace Ecosystem for Employees

How has our perception of what safe means evolved?

Our perception of what safe means today is different from previous understandings. Workplace safety used to be just about being “up to code” but as companies start to realize how crucial human-centricity is to their workplace, merely complying with local code levels isn’t enough to make a workplace truly safe.

The new definition of workplace safety

Now, a safe workplace is a space where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and do their best work--safe workplaces are equitable for everyone and provide a frictionless experience. 

While local code levels should be complied with, codes aren’t floorplans. Workplace teams must look at spatial design from a human-centric perspective and consider all the various types of people that could theoretically be at the office. 

From caring for the physical well-being of employees to making space psychologically safe for all types of folks--offices should provide a universal level of comfort that makes going in worthwhile, with as little friction as possible. 

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Corinne Murray

Chief Strategist, Purposeful Intent

Corinne Murray is Chief Strategist at Purposeful Intent, a future of work and workplace advisory consultancy, where she helps workplace and employee experience decision makers navigate the ambiguity of hybrid work and company culture through workshops and her bespoke offering, Effectiveness as a Service. Passionate about broadening our understanding of productivity and experience, Corinne coaches leaders to consider how the concepts are interconnected by leveraging elements of HR, Real Estate, Communications, IT, and Design to be more inclusive. Based in Brooklyn, NY Corinne has spent her career in various corners of the real estate industry, striving to bring practical and usable innovations to occupiers, landlords, and service providers alike. Prior to Purposeful Intent, Corinne worked at IMPEC Group, RXR, WeWork, Gensler, American Express, and CBRE.

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Omar Ramirez

Founder, Affordances

Omar Ramirez is the founder of Affordances, an experience consultancy that helps companies strategize and solve problems, all while staying focused on what matters most: the real people behind the scenes. Previously, Omar has been a part of the teams at companies such as Dropbox, Atlassian, Netflix, and most recently Miro. Rooted in design thinking, Omar is motivated by the belief that nothing exists which can’t be improved on or made to be more human-centric.